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COFACTOR function prediction for 66 uPE1 proteins on human chromosome 17.

  • Concise table in HTML and plain text format.
  • Full table in HTML and plain text format.
  • Other supplementary data files:
  • Sequences of the canonical isoform for all 66 proteins: seq.txt
  • I-TASSER models for 66 proteins: I-TASSER-models.tar.bz2
  • UniProt annotation: short summary, Gene Ontology (GO) terms and full annotation.
  • NextProt annotation: sequence, function, chromosomal location.
  • Human Protein Atlas: tissue-specific protein expression data for 26 of the 66 proteins.
  • GTEx portal: tissue-specific mRNA expression data for 59 of the 66 proteins.
  • COFACTOR function prediction for all 66 proteins: Molecular Function (MF), Biological Process (BP), Cellular Component (CC).

  • Reference

  • Chengxin Zhang, Xiaoqiong Wei, Gilbert S Omenn, Yang Zhang. Structure and Protein Interaction-based Gene Ontology Annotations Reveal Likely Functions of Uncharacterized Proteins on Human Chromosome 17. Journal of Proteome Research (2018) 17, 4186-4196 [PDF] [Support Information]