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Top five models with local structure error profiles

The local accuracy is defined as the distance deviation (in Angstrom) between residue positions in the model and the native structure. Since the native structure is unknown, the distance errors in the following plots are estimated by ResQ using support vector regression that makes use of the coverage of threading alignment, divergence of I-TASSER simulation decoys, and sequence-based secondary structure and solvent accessibility predictions. The numerical data of the ResQ prediction are listed in this file: lscore.txt.

More details of ResQ and the local structure error prediction can be found at J Yang, Y Wang, Y Zhang. ResQ: Approach to unified estimation of B-factor and residue-specific error in protein structure prediction, submitted, (2015).

Generated 3D models Download the estimated local accuracy of models
  • Download Model 1
  • C-score=-0.08 (Read more about C-score)
  • Estimated TM-score = 0.70±0.12
  • Estimated RMSD = 6.3±3.9Å

  • Download Model 2
  • C-score = -0.78

  • Download Model 3
  • C-score = -0.92

  • Download Model 4
  • C-score = -2.36

  • Download Model 5
  • C-score = -2.56