• Exclude templates that are homologous to the query protein: You can use this option to exclude templates from the I-TASSER template library, which are homologous to the query protein. The homology is defined based on the sequence identity cutoff, i.e. the number of identical residue between template and query divided by the total number of residues in the query sequence. For example, if you type "60%", I-TASSER will automatically exclude all templates which have a sequence identity >60% to the query protein. The minimum cutoff is set at 25% and all value below 25% will return as 25%.

    Since multiple domain protein templates cannot be excluded by a single sequence cutoff if the target is a multiple domain protein, we exclude all templates with a sequence identity normalized by both lengths of the target and the templates.

    In general, excluding homologous templates will decrease the quality of I-TASSER modeling. So this option is only designed for some special purposes.