• Exclude specific template proteins: This option allows users to upload a list of template structures that will be excluded from the I-TASSER template library. Users can also specify a sequence identity cutoff, e.g. 70%, where I-TASSER will exclude all templates with a sequence identity >70% to specified template proteins.

    The format of the file should be "PDBID:ChainID   %Seq.Identity", e.g.

    1wor:A  70
    3mxu:A  80
    1zko:B  40

    For I-TASSER standalone package, one can put the template list at a file (e.g. 'a.txt') and then run 'runI-TASSER.pl' with option of '-temp_excl a.txt'.

    In general, excluding templates will decrease the quality of I-TASSER modeling. So this option is only designed for some special purposes, e.g. benchmark test.