• Specify secondary structure
    If you have some knowledge on the secondary structure for some residues of your target sequence, you can use this option to upload a text file to specify their secondary structure. I-TASSER will try to generate its models following the secondary structure that you specified.

    Each row in the text file should follow the format:
    "Res_#   Res_Name   Secondary_Structure",

    1st column: residue number,
    2nd column: residue name,
    3rd column: secondary structure (S: Strand, H: Helix, C: Coil).

    The columns should be seperated by white space.

    Below is an example:

    21    V   S
    22    P   S
    23    K   S
    24    E   S
    25    Q   S
    26    R   S
    27    V   S
    28    D   C
    29    S   C
    30    L   C
    31    I   C
    125   A   S
    126   E   S
    127   H   S
    128   F   S
    129   Y   S
    130   W   S
    131   M   S
    181   V   H
    182   S   H
    183   C   H
    184   L   H
    185   K   H
    Download the text file for the above example.