Delay in I-TASSER and LOMETS server

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Delay in I-TASSER and LOMETS server

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I submitted a sequence (job-id S612327) in the I-TASSER server one week ago, but still, it has been in processing. Moreover, I realized that some sequences submitted more than 10 days ago by other users have also been in processing. I also observed similar delays in the LOMETS server. Is there any problem with the I-TASSER and the LOMETS servers, according to these slow-running processes?
Thank you.
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Re: Delay in I-TASSER and LOMETS server

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Yes, we have been experiencing delays due to a hardware failure on our web server as well as some recent maintenance on our backend cluster. We are currently catching up with old jobs, and it looks like your modeling results have finished, but the biological function prediction is currently running. If you provide me your email, I can email you the models ASAP.
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