Delay in processing

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Delay in processing

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I submitted several jobs to different servers 3 weeks ago (ANGLOR, MUSTER, BSpred, ThreaDom, ThreaDomEX, EvoDesign, PSSPRED and SVMSEQ) but I did not receive any results yet. I did receive them from CEthreader, FUpred and LOMETS. Is there some expected time to receive the results from each server or maybe there was some issue and my submissions never went through?

Unfortunately I don't have the Job IDs because they were never sent to me (only for ThreaDomEx - Job ID: T12450c4877c - Protein name: BteA_Bp).
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Re: Delay in processing

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We recently experienced a hardware failure on our old web server and moved to a new permanent server. We are working on addressing all of the issues that have emerged during the transition. Unfortunately, some servers are not fully functional yet, but we hope to have all these issues resolved soon. If you need the results urgently, many of these programs are included in our I-TASSER package that can be installed and ran on your computer.
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